July 17, 2023

“Ethnia Al-Dheeb” is a cultural and literary beacon in the heart of Riyadh

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Its pioneers from Kuwait are the able artist Saad Al-Farag and a large number of writers and intellectuals

Spreading culture and awareness among members of society and highlighting and discussing contemporary and national issues

Many Their Highnesses, artists and poets in the Kingdom and the Arab countries are keen to attend the Diwaniyah permanently every «Monday»

From literature and culture to economics, politics and even sports, “Ethnia Al-Theeb” remains a literary, artistic and cultural oasis that includes men of thought and literature from various Arab and foreign countries, who are guests of the President of the Arabic Language Association and the owner of white hands in charitable work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Hamoud bin Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al-Theeb, who visited the country a few days ago and met a number of family and friends.

One of the most important cultural and literary projects in the Kingdom, which has become a beacon frequented by a group of Their Highnesses, ministers, officials, writers and intellectuals from the Kingdom and abroad, especially from Kuwait.

Mohammed Al-Theeeb and his brother Abdullah, who are interested in culture, literature and heritage in the Kingdom, talked about the thought of the coming youth, where Mohammed Al-Dheeb began talking about the beginnings of «Ethnia Al-Theeb», which was launched as an idea crystallized in the head of his father, businessman Hamoud bin Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al-Theeb when he moved to the Riyadh region in the early seventies.

Al-Theeb Jr. continued: It was initially spontaneous meetings that include a group of guests and friends to discuss the topic of what is chosen by one of the attendees, then began to take a form of stability when it was held every «Thursday», but its topics also remained spontaneously chosen, then the meeting turned from Thursday to Monday evening weekly, since 2012, to acquire this evening the name of the day of its convening «Monday», so it became called «Ethnia Al-Theeb», which is the name by which it was launched and famous It has continued to this day.

Regarding the content of that evening, Mohammed Al-Theeb continues, saying: “The selection of its topics and guests has become systematic and thoughtful, while the method of the evenings is that every week a specific topic is highlighted, whether it is national, cultural, social, economic, religious, sports, historical, or if there are emergency matters of concern to the homeland and the citizen.”

He added: Specialists in this field are usually invited, including officials, academics and those interested, and a number of Their Highnesses, businessmen and writers attend it, and the effectiveness of the «Monday» is not limited to the lecture, but includes poetry and other diverse paragraphs in proportion to the topics raised.

The meeting touched on the participants in the «Monday», where Al-Theeb explained that there are many participants from the Kingdom, the Gulf and the world, and a number of Kuwaitis gave many lectures in various fields, and more focus was on Kuwait in all its aspects, through a lecture by Dr. Yaqoub Al-Hajji entitled “The Sea and its Important Role in the Life of Kuwaitis”, in which he talked about the sea and its role in the lives of the people of Kuwait, and Talal Al-Rumaidhi spoke about the “Kuwaiti literary movement”, and members of the Kuwait Heritage Society were also hosted To talk about “Cultural Relations and Visits between Kuwait and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” and we worked with them an event accompanying the “Monday” through their participation in a ceremony and a special museum on the occasion of the Saudi founding day

Al-Theeb pointed to the interest of a number of Kuwaitis in the activities of «Monday», saying: There is Kuwaiti interest in the activities of «Monday» and we always welcome this as they constitute a distinctive addition, where Dr. Ali Al-Tarrah was hosted and gave an evening entitled «Social Act» and Muhammad Al-Sharekh and his talk about the Arabic language, its techniques and modern needs, and the great artist Saad Al-Faraj was hosted and we celebrated him and his artistic history, Dr. Muhammad Al-Nughaimish, the journalist Muhammad Al-Mulla and others.

Regarding the objectives of the “Monday”, Mohammed Al-Theeb continues his speech, saying that it aims to spread culture and awareness among members of society, highlight and discuss contemporary issues, show national cohesion, produce scientific, literary, cultural and historical content as well to benefit from it, and the continuous development of what serves the public interest of the country first and then its children.


“Monday” is also keen to give young talents the opportunity to express themselves in a number of literary branches: culture, art, poetry, writing and other fields that contribute to the advancement of literary taste.

Al-Theeb pointed out that «Monday» is keen to honor and celebrate the main guests, and to search for the general benefit of the attendees and followers by discussing important matters related to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab world in general, and to create new investment acquaintance opportunities between the most important figures in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab world, and to highlight the role of businessmen and their national achievements and their various contributions to community service.

Al-Theeb stressed that «Monday» is interested in weaving fruitful relations with Arab and Gulf personalities when it hosts specialists from them to find out and celebrate their contributions in various fields, and the speakers are nominated by one of the members of the «Monday» or by its main visitors, and they are communicated with by the coordinator, taking into account the time of the lecture and the topic to correspond and keep pace with the course of current events, and the «Ethnia Al-Theeb» enjoys stability and regularity weekly.

With regard to the Arabic language and interest in it, Abdullah Al-Theeb revealed that an association for the Arabic language for non-native speakers was recently launched, and it enjoys the membership of a constellation of experts and senior people interested in the Arabic language in the Kingdom, and we had a contribution with them in the launch of the association, which saw the light soon and its board of directors is currently chaired by my father, may God protect him.

During the meeting, Mohammed Al-Theeb revealed that work is currently underway to print an encyclopedia book on the “Twofold of Al-Theeb”, its objectives and evenings, and hopefully will be issued at the Riyadh Book Fair.

Since its steady and regular launch in 2012 until October 2022, Monday organized about 446 evenings, and this is considered one of the events and activities of the Diwaniya of Al-Dheeb, as it has a number of cultural events and activities such as the Friday Diwaniya, meetings for businessmen, sheikhs, and others.

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