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The beloved Amman is preparing to launch the twentieth second  session of the Book Fair, which, despite all the challenges over the past years, managed to keep the Jordanian capital on the map of Arab culture, emphasizing the importance of culture and the role it plays in upgrading the Jordanian society. During its activities, elite Arab thinkers, intellectuals and innovators have always entrusted Oman with being an oasis of culture in this region of the world and an embodiment of the values ​​of openness and tolerance.

Proceeding from the deep belief that the Jordanian Publishers Association holds in the necessity of the private and public sector’s contribution to the promotion of cultural activities as an integral part of social responsibility, and where the exhibition in a manner befitting the Kingdom’s reputation and position is linked to many logistical and technical needs, the Union places its trust in private sector companies and institutions.

And to confirm the integration between the official Jordanian institutions and the community, a supreme advisory board for the exhibition was formed from the general secretaries of each of the ministries: the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Higher Education, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, in addition to His Excellency the Mayor of Greater Amman, and the President of the Jordanian Publishers Association – Exhibition director.

In order for it to be a successful cycle that leaves its good impact throughout the Arab region, which witnesses great competition in cultural events, but also extends to non-Arabic speakers in general, the exhibition represents a cultural event that expresses the entirety of Arab culture and the role of Jordan in the cultural movement in the region.

The Administrative Board of the Jordanian Publishers Association invites you to participate in this session of the Amman International Book Fair, which will be held from Thursday 21/9/2023 to Saturday 30/9/2023 .

The previous exhibitions sessions constituted a qualitative leap in form and content, and was received with great welcome by the participants and visitors, and left an echo and a great impact that can be observed from what was written about it in the visual, audio and print media. In order for the Amman International Book Fair in its twentieth session to be more splendid and successful, previous experiences were benefited from, building on success factors, and filling gaps and gaps. The exhibition is receiving great attention from official and civil institutions, and given that the rental space is limited, early registration will be given priority. Note that the last date for registration is 20/7/2023

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