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The Saudi Ministry of Culture recently inaugurated the third edition of the International Biennial of Contemporary Art of the South, Bienalsur, at the Saudi Arabia Museum of Contemporary Art at Jax (SAMoCA). This year’s exhibition, aptly titled “Imagine: Fantasies, Dreams, Utopias,” presents the artistic expressions of twenty-six celebrated artists hailing from both Saudi Arabia and various corners of the globe. The impact of the exhibition extends beyond SAMoCA’s interior, reaching into the JAX District, where it reshapes the perception of space and introduces unexpected facets that illuminate the realms of fantasy and creativity.

Strategically positioned within both SAMoCA’s internal and external spaces, the artworks don’t merely adorn the environment but leave an indelible mark on the territory they inhabit. This immersive experience invites visitors on a transformative journey that oscillates between reality and utopia, truth and dream. Notable talents featured in this edition include Daniel Buren from France, Leila Tschopp from Argentina, and Saudi artist Shahd Youssef.

A noteworthy component of the exhibition, “Blur the Borders,” is displayed at Fenaa Alawwal’s cultural center in Riyadh’s Diplomatic Quarter. This segment unveils artworks resulting from cross-residencies involving six photographers from Saudi Arabia, France, and Argentina. Through their creations, artists such as Moath Alofi, Tasneem Alsultan, Nicolás Janowski, Laura Glusman, Laetizia Debian, and Sebastien Arrighi engage in a cross-cultural dialogue, effectively “erasing borders” and creating an inspiring encounter.

This marks the third occasion that the Kingdom has hosted Bienalsur, emphasizing its dedication to cultural exchange and the elevation of the local cultural and artistic scene. SAMoCA’s role as the venue for Bienalsur’s third edition aligns seamlessly with the Ministry of Culture’s mission to promote culture as an integral part of life. The exhibition, open to the public until December 31, 2023, serves as a testament to Saudi Arabia’s commitment to fostering cultural enrichment and international artistic dialogue. Although admission is free, but those eager to immerse themselves in this captivating display of contemporary art have to register first.

Explore Bienalsur at SAMoCA by visiting the official Saudi Ministry of Culture website for event details and ticket reservations: Bienalsur at SAMoCA.

Source: Discover Culture

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