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Date pairing offers a unique culinary journey through the rich flavors of Al Diriyah’s most cherished harvests. This event is perfect for adults eager to explore the exquisite taste profiles of dates sourced from the fertile valleys of Ghubaira, Al Balida, Qulaiqel, and Al Moghaisbi. Participants will have the opportunity to indulge in a diverse range of pairings, featuring luxurious cheeses such as French Brie and Italian Mascarpone, succulent Naimi shanks, and an assortment of nuts, enhancing the natural sweetness of the dates. Additionally, the workshop introduces date-derived products including molasses, pickled dates, jams, and uniquely infused butter with dates and black pepper, culminating in a delectable date ice cream finale. This session promises not just a tasting but a comprehensive gastronomic exploration, inviting you to bring your enthusiasm for new flavors and an appetite for discovery.

Source: Diriyah Biennale Foundation


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