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The Saudi Feast Food Festival, hailed as the largest in the Middle East, invites visitors to immerse themselves in a distinctive culinary experience, dedicated to promoting and preserving Saudi cuisine. The event showcases a rich array of dishes from all regions of the Kingdom, curated by both local and international chefs. Set against a winter backdrop, the festival creates a unique ambiance, offering a diverse range of recreational, cultural, and educational activities suitable for all age groups.

Attendees can explore an olive exhibition, delve into a dedicated business zone, and engage with the heritage zone, providing insights into Saudi traditions. The festival also features a marketplace with various stores, a designated zone for restaurants, and AlMaidah, a groundbreaking immersive multisensory culinary experience. The stage zone promises entertainment, while the kid’s zone caters to the younger audience. Additionally, there’s a workshop zone for interactive learning experiences and a competition zone hosting the Gourmand Awards.

This comprehensive event extends its reach to an international level with the participation of Greece, showcasing its culinary contributions in a dedicated country zone. The Saudi Feast Food Festival stands as a testament to the richness and diversity of Saudi cuisine, uniting people through the universal language of food while providing an opportunity for cultural exchange and exploration. The festival’s multifaceted approach ensures that visitors not only savor delicious dishes but also engage in a holistic and memorable experience that celebrates the Kingdom’s culinary heritage.

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