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The “Hawiyah Hayah Nights” event, honoring the significance of heritage and the essence of traditional arts in preserving Saudi cultural identity, is an annual celebration coinciding with World Heritage Day and World Arts Day. This cultural extravaganza serves as a platform to spotlight traditional arts, featuring captivating live performances by skilled artisans and students from the institute. Through these vibrant showcases, the event facilitates a rich exchange of knowledge, ensuring the vitality of our cultural heritage and its seamless transmission across generations.

With a dynamic format, the event boasts a diverse array of activities designed to engage participants of all ages and backgrounds. From immersive workshops to interactive demonstrations, attendees are invited to delve into the intricacies of Saudi traditional arts, forging connections with our heritage in meaningful and enriching ways. Moreover, by aligning with global initiatives such as World Heritage Day and World Arts Day, “Hawiyah Hayah Nights” amplifies its impact, underscoring the universal significance of cultural preservation and artistic expression.

As a cornerstone of cultural stewardship, the “Hawiyah Hayah Nights” event not only celebrates our rich heritage but also catalyzes its continued evolution and relevance in the contemporary landscape. Through its fusion of tradition and innovation, this annual gathering embodies the spirit of cultural resilience, ensuring that the legacy of Saudi arts and heritage endures vibrantly for generations to come.

Source: Ministry of Culture

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