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Ibrahim Abbas’s romantic fantasy novel Hawjen has been a bestseller in Saudi Arabia and has been made into a film that will soon be screened on Saudi and international cinemas.
It is produced by VOX Cinemas, in collaboration with Image Nation Abu Dhabi and MBC Studios.

The film is based on the novel Hwjn and is set in the city of Jeddah about the adventures of a good genie who lives among humans and his journey in the face of evil and the restoration of his right. The story of the movie Hwjn:

In a world where jinn are forced to live among humans, a human family has infiltrated the home of Hwjn and his family. Although mixing with humans is forbidden under ancient laws, Hwjn falls in love with the human girl Sawsan and a romantic story arises between them. Haugen finds himself having to move around his life between the worlds in order to find out about him.

It is scheduled to be released in cinemas during 2023!

The official announcement of the film was launched during the Red Sea Film Festival, and the official date for the film’s release in Saudi cinema has not yet been announced.

Directed and Produced by: Yasser Al Yasiri
Starring: Baraa Alem, Nayef Al-Dhafiri, Nour Al-Khadra, Al-Anoud Saud, Mohsen Mansour
Genre: Fantasy Romance

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