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Embark on our JAX district tour and experience the vibrant pulse of Riyadh’s emerging artist enclave.

Who’s it For: Open to all, from the young to the wise!

What You’ll Experience: A melting pot for creators, including makers, designers, musicians, painters, and creatives of every stripe, each tour is guided by a resident artist of JAX. Dive into their world, uncovering hidden treasures as you navigate through lively galleries, cozy cafes, and bustling studios that form the beating heart of the city’s artistic scene.

Today’s Highlights: Our journey will lead us to The Saudi Arabia Museum of Contemporary Art (SAMoCA), with the tour led by none other than the museum’s Director, Noura Al-Maashouq.

These tours are intimate and personalized, encouraging you to embrace your inner artist. So, grab a cup of coffee, sip it thoughtfully, and soak in the vibrant ambiance as you meander through the bustling cityscape of JAX.

Source: Diriyah Biennale Foundation

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