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The book is the joy of thought and the increase of the mind, and it is the most powerful weapon in the battle of consciousness.

From this concept, and a belief in the status of the book, and the time of reading that Beirut made, which has been transformed – since the middle of the last century – into the arena of freedom in which thinkers, writers, writers, and publishers have sought refuge from all over the Arab world, and in order to remain faithful to the letter, and our belief in the Lebanon of culture;

The Syndicate of Publishers in Lebanon, in partnership with the Lebanese Ministry of Culture, is launching the eighth Lebanon International Book Fair, to be held from 13 to 23 October 2023 at the Forum de Beirut.

The importance of the book is evident as a starting point for what our human being deserves. With a humanitarian and patriotic challenge and duty, we raise the book high to express our faith in this country and our love for it. And in confirmation of the role of Beirut, the capital of culture and the bride of cities, the book deserves to be celebrated, and it is not more deserving than the Syndicate and the Ministry to address this task so that Lebanon remains the homeland of crafts.

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