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My kid can paint: Sotheby’s is hosting a workshop designed specifically for children, focusing on the renowned Lebanese American artist and poet, Etel Adnan.

Who this is for: Children aged 8-12

What you’ll gain: Join us as we delve into the life of Etel Adnan and uncover the profound influences of her natural surroundings, such as California’s Mount Tamalpais, on her artistic endeavors. Through engaging discussions and hands-on activities, children will be inspired to create paintings inspired by landscapes akin to those that influenced Adnan’s work.

By immersing themselves in Adnan’s artistic journey, young participants will gain insights into how personal experiences can shape artistic expression. This workshop offers a unique opportunity for children to explore art history, discover Adnan’s enduring legacy, and nurture their own creative voices and self-expression.

A heartfelt thank you to artist and art teacher Yasmin Sinai, who collaborated with Sotheby’s to bring this workshop to life.

Source: Diriyah Biennale Foundation

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