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The Traditional Games International Festival spearheads efforts to promote and rejuvenate traditional games through intra-ministerial cooperation and collaboration with other government bodies, alongside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, aiming to elevate these games to an international platform. Leveraging the diplomatic network of the Kingdom’s embassies in nations sharing similar traditional games, the festival seeks to globalize the appeal and participation in these age-old pastimes.

Spanning across various regions of the Kingdom, these events serve as vibrant showcases of cultural heritage and sporting prowess, fostering camaraderie and exchange among participants from diverse backgrounds. By harnessing the collective efforts of governmental entities, the festival underscores the significance of traditional games in preserving cultural identity and promoting social cohesion on both a national and global scale.

Moreover, by extending the reach of traditional games to an international audience, the festival cultivates cross-cultural appreciation and understanding, forging bonds of friendship and solidarity among nations. Through engaging in these timeless recreational activities, participants not only celebrate the richness of their heritage but also embrace the universal language of sportsmanship and mutual respect.

As a testament to the Kingdom’s commitment to cultural diplomacy and heritage preservation, the Traditional Games International Festival stands as a beacon of tradition and unity, transcending geographical boundaries to unite people in the spirit of play and camaraderie.

Source: Ministry of Culture

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