April 23, 2024

Extending the period of receiving entries for Kanz Al-Jeel Award in its third cycle


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Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Centre has announced the continuation of accepting submissions for the third cycle of Kanz Al-Jeel Award until May 31, 2024. This extension aims to provide creators with the opportunity to showcase their creative works. The award’s submissions were initially opened in December 2023.

Dr Ali Bin Tamim, Chairman of Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Centre (ALC) , stated, “Kanz Al-Jeel Award has become a prominent and prestigious symbol in the cultural and literary field at the regional level, thanks to its ability to attract high-quality literary submissions. Enthusiasts and writers with creative projects contribute to elevating the status of this authentic literary genre.”

Bin Tamim further added, “Our aim is for the award to continue serving as a catalyst for creativity in the fields of poetry and literature, acting as a platform aligned with the strategic objectives of the center in promoting the Arabic language and enhancing its importance.” He continued, “We aspire for it to become a prominent cultural event that highlights the beauty and excellence of poetic harmony, and its pivotal role in enriching intellectual and cultural discourse with its authentic content and values.”

The Goal Of Kanz Al-Jeel Award

Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Centre has initiated Kanz Al-Jeel Award to recognize exceptional poetic compositions, folklore research, and studies pertaining to Nabati poetry. This accolade is bestowed upon researchers and artists who have contributed works centering on the heritage and authentic values inherent in Nabati poetry. The award’s name is derived from a poem penned by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Former President of the United Arab Emirates

It aims to promote poetry and its role as a mirror reflecting society, embodying Emirati and Arab creativity. Further details about the award’s terms and application procedures are available on www.kanzaljeel.ae, or by contacting the award committee via email.

Kanz Al-Jeel Award swiftly solidified its position as a prominent player in the cultural landscape, emerging as a distinguished cultural platform eagerly awaited by Nabati poets, folklore researchers, translators, and artists. They look forward to showcasing their literary and academic contributions in revitalizing this rich cultural heritage. The award encompasses various aspects of the Emirati cultural heritage. It includes six categories: Poetic Harmony, Arts and Studies, Publications, Translation, and Creative Personality.

Terms of Kanz Al-Jeel Competition:

The participation requirements for the award, which has a total prize pool of 1.5 million dirhams, aim to enhance competitiveness. A set of rigorous criteria is utilized to evaluate the submissions and studies submitted, ensuring fairness and credibility. Accordingly, candidates for the Creative Personality category are nominated through academic, research, or cultural institutions, or by the Award’s Supreme Committee. Nominations for the remaining five categories are open to individual creators, literary and cultural institutions, universities, and publishing houses.

The candidate must have actively contributed to enriching and developing the local and Arab poetic, critical, or artistic movement. The submitted works must demonstrate a high degree of authenticity and innovation, representing a significant addition to cultural and human knowledge. Additionally, the submitted works must include the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) to protect intellectual property rights.

Participants are allowed to submit only one work for one category of the award, and submissions must not have been entered into any other competition or received any other award in the same year. Winners of the Treasure of the Generation Award may reapply for the award after five years from their win. Works must be written in Arabic, except for the Translation, Studies, Research, and Creative Personality categories. Kanz Al-Jeel Award reserves the right to publish the submitted works.

Artists are invited to submit their works in the Arts category, according to the artistic form chosen by the Supreme Committee for each edition. For this year’s edition, the chosen artistic form is Arabic calligraphy. Participating artists are requested to create their works using verses from the poem “Ya Za Al-Shabab Ella Ghatarif” by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and design them using Arabic calligraphy. Simultaneously, a prize for the best matched poem is awarded to a single poem that excels in matching the same poem.

The Creative Personality Award is granted to individuals or institutions that have made notable and effective creative contributions in poetry, Nabati studies, as well as in the fields of music, singing, painting, and Arabic calligraphy.

In the Arts category, the award is bestowed upon the artwork that utilizes visual tools to interpret and embody the poetry of Sheikh Zayed and Nabati poetry, including Arabic calligraphy or abstract arts. Meanwhile, the Studies and Research category is awarded to published studies on Nabati poetry that employ a scientific approach in studying its methodologies, content, and lexicon.

Poetic publications compete by presenting a collection of Nabati poetry that embodies authenticity in both form and content. The final category, Translation, honors translation efforts of Sheikh Zayed’s poetry into other languages or works that have made significant contributions to translating Arabic poetry into other languages.

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