December 25, 2023

Ghazi Al-Gosaibi Final Poem Analytical Study

Ghazi Al-Gosaibi Final Poem

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In Ghazi Al-Gosaibi final poem, writing transforms into a sanctuary, crafting a realm distinct from the final breaths of mortality and the torment of anticipation. This creative endeavor, particularly in life’s concluding phase, allows for articulating insights previously elusive amid life’s chaos, thus delivering a unique and profound message.

For the poet, their creation stands as the remaining fragment of existence. Viewing their vibrant verses, they seem fearless in the face of death, which only lays claim to the flesh. Through their acute perception and artistry, they forge a psychological and poetic testament, its tone and emotional landscape varying with each poet’s journey. The experiences of a poet enduring illness differ markedly from those of a poet who chooses to end their life.

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