April 22, 2024

“Where The World’s Tales Unfold”.. ABU DHABI INTERNATIONAL BOOK FAIR to commence on April 29th

Where The World's Tales Unfold... Abu Dhabi International Book Fair to commence on April 29th

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Under the patronage of His Highness Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the United Arab Emirates, may God protect him, the 33rd edition of Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2024 will kick off on April 29th and run until May 5th, with the participation of more than 90 countries, including 12 countries participating for the first time: Greece, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Pakistan, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Mozambique, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Indonesia.

The exhibition, held under the theme “Where The World’s Tales Unfold,” witnesses the largest participation of China in any book fair worldwide, featuring 9 pavilions and an official delegation comprising 70 guests representing 80 Chinese publishing houses. Additionally, there will be 15 cultural, professional, and artistic events, including the launch of a cooperation platform in publishing and Chinese culture under the auspices of Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Center and Media Chinese International limited, with the participation of 10 Arab publishing houses, 10 Chinese publishing houses, and a diverse and distinguished cultural program.

The Arab Republic of Egypt is honored as the guest of honor at the exhibition, marking the first time an Arab country has been hosted in the history of the event. This underscores the depth of the relationship between the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, and both nations’ commitment to enhancing cultural cooperation. It is also a recognition of Egypt’s role in the development of civilization and culture throughout history.

A new focus of book of the world has been introduced for the first time in book fairs, aiming to highlight humanity’s most significant creations throughout history and present them to new generations. This year’s the book of the world is “Kalila and Dimna” by Abdullah ibn al-Muqaffa, which has had a profound impact across history and cultures. The dedicated program for the book of the world explores the literary genre under which the book falls, which is “fables.”

For the second consecutive year, the exhibition presents the Abu Dhabi Podcast Program, a concept introduced by the exhibition last year and which achieved great success. This year’s second edition attracts some of the most prominent podcast programs in the Arab world, including Thmanyah, El-Podcasters, Podcasts Asharq, Bouh Podcast, Micspod, Arab Youth Center Podcast, El-consolto, philosophyhouse, Saturday’s Sofa, and others.

For the third consecutive year, the exhibition presents a debate program, with a new feature this year being the organization and management of debates following the globally renowned Oxford style. This marks the first time such debates will be held in the Arab world. Additionally, there’s a poetry program celebrating poetry and poets, extending throughout the year and also organized during the Al Ain and Al Dhafra Book Fairs. This year, “Abu Dhabi Poetry Nights” presents a series of distinctive musical poetry evenings featuring prominent Emirati poets.

The exhibition hosts Arab, regional, and international publishing houses, offering a comprehensive cultural and intellectual program encompassing cultural, professional, educational, creative, and entertainment aspects. This includes events, lectures, panel discussions, and specialized workshops featuring a select group of writers and intellectuals. These initiatives contribute to the development of the publishing sector and creative industries, enhancing the capabilities of local and Arab publishers and opening up new horizons for them, Within the framework of the “Innovative Dialogues” axis, the conference explores the dynamic relationship between literature and cinematic adaptation, delving into the secrets of cinema and the multidimensional mutual influence of literature and cinema collaboration. It also discusses methods of presenting cinematic works, their purposes, and other related topics.

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2024 introduces new services and engagements for exhibitors, including the adoption of a digital payment system. This initiative stems from market demand and a desire to provide digital services that align with the significant developments witnessed in the business sector of the country. In line with the digital transformation of the Abu Dhabi government, a comprehensive solution will be provided to automate and facilitate non-cash interactions between exhibitors and visitors for purchasing purposes. This will involve the establishment of an integrated digital system.

It’s worth noting that Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2024 was launched in 1981 and has since become an international platform bringing together publishers, libraries, and cultural institutions to exchange ideas and enhance cooperation opportunities.

Source : Al-Bayan

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