December 11, 2023

Heritage of Generations for Children: heritage to future generations

Heritage of Generations for Children

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“The Heritage of Generations for Children” highlights efforts to transmit historical heritage to future generations through simplified storytelling and theater, discussed by literature and publishing specialists at the Jeddah Book Fair 2023.

Professor of Arabic Literature, Dr. Wafa’a Al-Sabeel, emphasized literary heritage transmission through written and illustrated stories and theater. She stressed the importance of the heritage of Generations for Children and age-appropriate transmission to preserve authenticity.

Playwright Fahad Al-Huwaisani outlined three pillars contributing to the transfer of ancient cultural heritage to the current generation. These included playwrights’ treatment of heritage, staging traditional stories for all ages, and broadcasting the first Saudi play titled “Night of the Window,” depicting the ancient life in the Eastern Region.

Al-Huwaisani concluded by discussing the third pillar, which involved various traveling plays performed in theaters across the Kingdom, focusing on portraying the old ways of life and celebrating events like holidays and weddings.

Thuraya Baturji, the owner of the “Kadi and Ramadi” publishing house, shared experiences in heritage transmission. The publishing house produced dedicated books illustrating Saudi heritage architecture. Baturji mentioned interactive competitions conducted to instill cultural heritage in Saudi children and showcased stories utilized by educational institutions to portray Saudi family life in the past.

Source: Okaz

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