July 15, 2023

High Literary Content Consumption Index

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The index of consumption of audio and read literary content on the “Literature Everywhere” platform has risen to 86,000 consumers around the Kingdom, according to a report issued by the Ministry of Culture on what has been achieved in the cultural aspect last year.

“Literature Everywhere” is an initiative launched by the Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission to provide literary content to all members of society in public places and waiting halls, through audio and readable means, based on the sustainability factor and serving the private and non-profit sectors.

The report indicated that the Ministry of Culture issued 402 grants for translating books to and from Arabic, translating and publishing 138 books, translating 6 academic periodicals, 30 magazines, 90 articles, and monitoring and updating 5574 book titles in the Saudi Observatory for Translation.

Within the framework of the interest in books and translations, 20 publishing house projects were graduated, and 145 agreements were signed with publishing houses and parties interested in translation, to support monitoring and documentation in the field of translation.

The report indicated that the Ministry has achieved a number of influential achievements in the cultural field as part of its efforts to achieve the main pillars of making culture a way of life, contributing to enhancing the Kingdom’s international position, and culture for economic growth.

The Ministry has worked to achieve several objectives, including promoting the cultural sector, supporting and enabling local cultural production, enriching the life of the community with activities and events, and promoting culture as a way of life.

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