January 29, 2024

Highlights from Cairo International Book Fair

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Transitioning into the bustling scene, the 55th Cairo International Book Fair has garnered remarkable attention. Opening its doors amid chilly weather, families poured in from all corners of Egypt.

Amidst this fervor, Culture Minister Neveen al-Kilany hailed the robust turnout, emphasizing the nation’s thirst for knowledge. She expressed optimism for an exceptional fair session, brimming with cultural enrichment.

Underlining the ministry’s commitment to enlightenment, she stressed reaching out to as many as possible. The children’s section buzzed with activity, hosting various workshops and programs.

Mohamed Nassef, the section’s General Supervisor, outlined diverse initiatives promoting talent, values, and combating extremism. Furthermore, a unique program facilitated dialogues with esteemed editor-in-chiefs.

Multiple governmental entities enriched the Cairo International Book Fair with workshops and activities. Norway’s ambassador, Hilde Klemetsdal, lauded her country’s participation as the guest of honor.

Highlighting Princess Mette-Marit’s presence at Cairo International Book Fair’s inauguration, Klemetsdal emphasized the enduring Egyptian-Norwegian cultural ties. This collaboration underscores the depth of bilateral relations across various domains.

In conclusion, the 55th Cairo International Book Fair not only showcased literary diversity but also served as a platform for fostering cross-cultural understanding. As visitors immersed themselves in the plethora of activities and discussions, the event reaffirmed the importance of embracing cultural differences and nurturing meaningful connections. With each turn of a page and exchange of ideas, the fair exemplified the timeless value of literature and its ability to bridge communities worldwide.

Source: Egypt Independent

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