May 5, 2024

honoring the winners of Ibn Battuta Award for The Travel Literature at Darat Al-Sowaidi

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In attendance were the founder of the prize, His Excellency Mohamed Ahmed Khaleefa  Al-Suwaidi, the Emirati poet, along with the General Director of the Prize, poet Nouri Al Jarrah, and Dr. Ahmed Barqawi, the head of the judging committee. The committee members for this year consisted of academics Khalidoun Al Shammah, Abdul Rahman Bsisu, Abdul Nabi Thakir, Al Taie Al Hadawi, Shuaib Halifi, Mufeed Najm, and Farouk Youssef, alongside the writer Ibrahim Al Jabeen, who coordinated the committee’s activities. Additionally, the event was graced by the presence of a distinguished group of journalists, writers, literary figures, and specialists.

Today, At Darat Al-Sowaidi in Abu Dhabi hosted an event to honor the winners of Ibn Battuta Award for The Travel Literature, as part of its twenty-second edition. In the branch of verified travel, Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Na’san from Syria won the prize for his edition of the book “The Amusement of the Stranger in Every Strange Matter – Journey to Brazil” by Abdul Rahman bin Abdullah Al-Baghdadi Al-Damasceni Al-Madani Al-Hasani. Additionally, Ahmed Jumaa Abdel-Hamid and Yahya Zakaria Al-Souda from Egypt won for their edition of the book “Safir Al-Murtad Wa Rayyid Al-Isaad” by Ali bin Yahya bin Ahmed Al-Kilani Al-Qadiri Al-Hamwi.

In the contemporary travel branch, Abu Al-Harith Musa Ibrahim from Libya won the prize for his book “Journeys in the World”, while Mohammed Khalil from Morocco won for his book ” This Is How I Discovered China”. In the diaries branch, the prize went to Hassouna Al-Musbahi from Tunisia for his book “Days in Istanbul” .

In the studies branch, the winners were as follows: Nour Eddine Belkodry from Morocco for “Imagination in Contemporary Arab Travel” , Mohammed Reda Boudchar from Morocco for “Late Andalusians in European Travels to Spain” , and Athba Al-Muslimani from Qatar for “Narrative Discourse in the Journeys of Al-Ghusani and Al-Wardani”.

In the translated travel branch, Ibrahim bin Mohammed Al-Batshan from Saudi Arabia won the prize for translating the book “Morocco… People and Country”, while Ahsin Hamad Ahsin Mahmoud from Libya won for translating the book “In Search of the Veiled Tuaregs”, and Emad Al-Ahmad from Syria won for translating the book “The Blood Stone”.

The official statement of the prize included:

“This year’s competing works were distinguished, as usual, by the abundance of manuscripts belonging to the branches of studies, contemporary travel, and translated travel. This indicates the growing interest in travel literature in terms of both realization and study, reflecting a growing awareness of the significance of this literature in exploring the Arab perspective on oneself in relation to one’s culture, as well as in understanding the Other in their cultural diversity.”

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