February 21, 2024

How the American Presence in Iraq has Affected the Arab Novel

How the American Presence in Iraq has Affected the Arab Novel Documenting

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Documenting Facts and Expressing Despair About Change

The art of storytelling broadens to embrace major events and to include the narratives of nations. This is because the novel is a flexible genre that can be inspired by and reshape reality. The Arab region has been and remains a reservoir of narratives, especially in recent years, because the violent variables ravaging it require narration, and therefore writing. Consequently, we find that the most discussed topics in the Arab novel, especially after 2010, revolve around violence, immigration, imprisonment, and the brutal political and social changes experienced by Arab societies. So, it is natural to find numerous novels that deal with what has happened in Arab countries in recent years. This includes Iraq, where many novels exploring the era of the dictator Saddam Hussein, as well as more contemporary events, have been published.

What is interesting about Iraq is that novelists have addressed the issue of the American presence there and its impact on the lives of Iraqis. Many of their works focus on the US role in changing the nation’s fate using a temporal approach that depicts the situation before and after the US intervention. Often, they feature two generations of Iraqis talking about the transformations that have taken place in society, especially with regard to the way of thinking, ideologies, and dealing with others who are different because of nationality, religion, gender or sexuality (I mean the status of women and the LGBTQI community).

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