May 29, 2024

“If only she reads”.. To write for everyone so that women could read

If Only She Reads

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The renowned Arab poet Mahmoud Darwish once said, “Sometimes we write for everyone so that one person reads.” Indeed, this statement powerfully encapsulates the idea and spirit of this highly significant collection of poetry and literature that we are discussing.

The collection is titled “If Only She Reads” by the Saudi writer Khalid Al-Batli, published by “Dar Al-Farabi for Publishing and Distribution,” which is considered one of the most important poetry collections released recently in Arabic due to the magnitude of the ideas it carries within its pages, and which we will discuss.

To write for everyone so that women could read

From the title “If Only She Reads” Khalid Al-Batli acknowledges that he has not penned all this poetry, praise, and emotions flowing from within him except for that reader whom no one knows who she is ?

In the first moment, the reader might assume she is his beloved, but with every poem or verse, they will realize that everything Al-Batli has written was solely to champion women in general. For every woman who has walked upon this earth.

He unifies the collective into one, turning grand ideas into delicate sentiments, addressing everyone yet singling out the female whom he wishes would read his words starting from the threshold of the texts, encapsulated by the title “If Only She Reads” Here lies everything.

According to the poet,

“There is nothing more beautiful than to adore a woman, and there is nothing more exquisite than for your love for her to be your life. Whoever seeks elevation in their life should follow the path of a woman and watch over her balconies… and supplicate.”

In his collection, Al-Batli emphasizes the necessity and the role that women play in human society, a role that is active and influential. Perhaps through his actions, he critiques many ideas that have been haunting us not only since the inception of stories that diminish women’s stature but also some philosophical notions that have done the same.

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