August 2, 2023

In a virtual workshop. The Literature Commission discusses the Accelerator of Publishing Works

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The Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission organized a remote introductory workshop on the accelerator of publishing work in its second edition, in the presence of a number of interested and entrepreneurs in the field of publishing, to present an introductory overview of it and discuss its work.

The workshop began by introducing the accelerator, which is concerned with supporting the publishing sector in the Kingdom by empowering and stimulating emerging projects in the field, supporting and developing their ideas and working to transform them into pioneering projects that serve the sector.

The program is expected to cover 12 to 15 publishing houses.

The publishing accelerator aims to support and develop Saudi publishing houses to advance the field, as well as support the national economy by creating job opportunities for Saudi youth.

It also aims to find innovative solutions to meet challenges and obstacles, raise the level of quality of services provided, in addition to developing and investing in the field.

The meeting dealt with the services provided in the publishing accelerator by providing the appropriate environment to motivate entrepreneurs, providing guidance support for the development of participating projects, preparing an intensive training curriculum that meets their needs, and linking the winning projects to a set of financing solutions.

It is noteworthy that the Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission holds this workshop as part of a series of workshops and periodic meetings, with the aim of communicating with interested and specialists to introduce the Authority’s initiatives, activities and programs, discuss challenges and solutions, and create a bridge of communication with the general cultural practitioners.

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