February 16, 2024

Intellectual Property Prosecution by Public Prosecution Council

The Intellectual Property Prosecution, approved by the Public Prosecution Council

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The establishment of the “Intellectual Property Prosecution” not only aligns with the National Intellectual Property Strategy but also reflects the commitment of the Saudi government to safeguarding intellectual property rights. By focusing on investigating and prosecuting infringements across a range of laws, including trademark law, Copyright Law, and Patent Law, this specialized prosecution unit plays a vital role in upholding the rule of law and promoting fair competition in the marketplace.

Moreover, the integration of the Intellectual Property Prosecution with the broader framework of the Public Prosecution underscores the government’s dedication to ensuring consistent and equitable application of justice. This collaborative approach not only strengthens the enforcement of intellectual property laws but also enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of legal proceedings in this domain.

The Intellectual Property Prosecution represents a cornerstone in the broader strategy for economic diversification and technological advancement outlined in Vision 2030. By providing a robust legal framework for the protection of intellectual property rights, it creates a conducive environment for innovation, investment, and sustainable growth in the Kingdom.

Furthermore, the establishment of this dedicated prosecution unit reflects Saudi Arabia’s proactive stance in combating intellectual property infringements. By sending a clear message of zero tolerance for such violations, the government fosters a culture of respect for intellectual property, which in turn stimulates innovation and creativity across various sectors of the economy.

The creation not only strengthens the enforcement of intellectual property laws but also reinforces Saudi Arabia’s position as a regional leader in promoting and protecting innovation-driven growth.


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