February 21, 2024

After ‘The Mosaicist’ Lands on ‘The Booker Shortlist’.. Issa Nasseri Declares: I Dismiss Advice for Young Writers

Issa Nasseri Declares: I Dismiss Advice for Young Writers

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Moroccan writer Issa Nasseri expressed his delight as his novel “The Mosaicist” made it to the shortlist of the 2024 International Prize for Arabic Fiction, known as “The Booker.” He extended his gratitude to the prize’s management and committee for their confidence in his work. Nasseri highlighted that being on “The Booker” shortlist will ensure broader exposure and reach to a larger audience for his novel.

Discussing his novel, Nasseri explained that “The Mosaicist” consists of three manuscripts (two novels and memoirs) authored by three writers immersed in the craft of writing and artistic obsession. The title, referring to mosaic, symbolizes individuals dedicated to this ancient profession or art, hinting at the unrealistic assembly of realistic elements inherent in the narrative art of the novel.

He added, “In this novel, every writer or novelist is a mosaicist in one form or another.” Furthermore, the title could allude to two characters in the novel who practiced the art of mosaic, both embodying the qualities of a mosaicist. One of them, Tahaami, mastered two crafts: Moroccan mosaic and writing.

When asked about advice for aspiring young writers, Nasseri declined to offer specific guidance. Instead, he emphasized the importance of each writer building their unique style based on their creative adventure. He urged writers to be open to Arabic and global literature, work diligently on creative ideas, study their dimensions, and always consider the reader in their writing.

The shortlist for “The Booker” included six novels: “Bahbel: Makkah Multiverse” by Saudi writer Raja Alem, published by Al-Tanweer; “Gambling in Honor of Lady Mitsi” by Egyptian writer Ahmed El-Morsi, published by Dawin; “Sulaima’s Ring” by Syrian writer Rima Bali, published by Tanmiya Publishing House; “A Mask in the Color of the Sky” by Palestinian writer Basem Khandaqji, published by Al-Adab; “The Seventh Sky of Jerusalem” by Palestinian writer Osama Al-Eissa, published by Mediterranean Publications; and “The Mosaicist” by Moroccan writer Issa Nasseri, published by Masciliani.


Source: 2M.ma

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