December 11, 2023

In “Jeddah Book Fair-2023”Khoja sings his most beautiful poems

Jeddah Book Fair-2023

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At the Jeddah Book Fair-2023, poetry lovers enjoyed an evening with Dr. Abdulaziz Khogia, former Minister of Culture. The Literature and Publishing Authority organized the event on the Roshan Cultural Center stage. The session was hosted by Nawal Al-Rasheedi, who welcomed the attendees, praised Khogia’s poetic experience, and provided a brief overview of his biography, allowing the poet to share his finest poems.

Khoga expressed gratitude to the Literature and Publishing Authority for facilitating such the Jeddah Book Fair-2023 cultural forums and events. He began the evening with the poem “Subhan Man Khalaq” (Glory to the Creator), followed by other romantic poems, including “You Are the Truth,” “The Dream,” “Solo Melody,” “I Read You Peace,” “The First Date,” “Attraction,” “Sweetest of Women,” “Journey to the End,” “Breaking the Shackles,” and “Meeting at Two O’Clock.” He concluded the session with the poem “This Is My Land,” expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people facing destruction and genocide.

Abdulaziz Khoga is a prominent Saudi poet who has published several poetry collections, including “Your Tenderness,” “The Torment of Utterance,” “Seed of Meaning,” “Butterfly’s Dream,” “The Sad Neigh,” “To Whom I Love,” “Dream Journeys,” “Love Poems,” “One Hundred Poem and a Poem to the Moon,” “Journey of Beginning and End,” “Love Reads You Peace,” “Poetic Selections,” and “Subhan Man Khalaq.” He has also authored a prose book titled “The Experience: Interactions of Culture, Politics, and Media.” His poetic experience has garnered numerous rich critical studies, placing him at the forefront of contemporary Saudi poets.

Source: Okaz

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