December 11, 2023

Jeddah Book Fair: Nurturing Cultural Harbors

Jeddah Book Fair 2023

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The Literature, Publishing, and Translation Authority inaugurated the Jeddah Book Fair 2023 on Thursday Dec 7th, embracing the theme “Cultural Harbors” at the Super Dome in Jeddah. Running until December 16, the fair brings together a remarkable assembly of over 1000 local, Arab, and international publishing houses, artfully arranged across 400 pavilions to create a literary and cultural haven for visitors.

Dr. Mohammed Hassan Alwan, the CEO of the Literature, Publishing, and Translation Authority, extended gratitude for the unwavering support from visionary leadership in the cultural sector. He emphasized the strategic significance of the Book Fairs initiative, designed to disseminate literature to diverse regions of the Kingdom, fostering awareness and knowledge across all segments of society.

The fair’s daily cultural program unfolds a literary and intellectual journey from 11 AM to midnight, except on Fridays when it extends from 2 PM to midnight. The program promises to enrich visitors with a plethora of events, including cultural seminars, dialogues, poetic evenings, and engaging workshops in the field of publishing, as well as the captivating realm of comic books (comics and manga).

In this edition, the authority continues its commitment to supporting independent Saudi authors through the Saudi Author Corner. This unique space allows these authors to independently showcase and sell their books, contributing to the empowerment of local writers.

The Children’s Pavilion offers a delightful blend of educational and entertaining activities, featuring shows, theatrical and puppet workshops, fashion events, culinary arts, music, and workshops dedicated to the creation of comic books and stop-motion animation. This holistic experience is designed to captivate and engage young visitors.

The Arab Poetry Year 2023 initiative leaves its mark on the Jeddah Book Fair through various engaging activities, such as “The Poet Said” and “Audible Poems.” As this qualitative initiative, launched by the Ministry of Culture earlier this year, approaches its conclusion by the end of December, it stands as a testament to the revival of a significant cultural component in Arab culture, integrating seamlessly into the daily life of Saudi and Arab communities.

The Manga and Anime section of the fair orchestrates numerous interactive activities, featuring specialized publishers in Japanese manga. This section appeals to a diverse audience of all ages, providing them with a culturally rich and creatively immersive experience.

The Jeddah Book Fair marks the third in a series of book fairs organized by the Literature, Publishing, and Translation Authority this year, following the Medina Book Fair in June and the Riyadh International Book Fair at the end of September. These collective efforts aim to establish diverse channels for publishing and distribution, ensuring widespread access to books and positioning the Kingdom as a key player in the global book industry.


Source: Okaz 

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