December 11, 2023

‘Jeddah Book-Fair’ Cultural and Heritage Treasures Dating

Jeddah Book-Fair

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A sense of awe envelops you as you wander through the Heritage Authority’s pavilion at the ongoing Jeddah Book-Fair 2023, held at the ‘Super Dome’ in the city of Jeddah. The pavilion offers informative content about the Heritage Authority’s efforts to preserve the national heritage in all its forms. The pavilion displays replicas and screens, introducing visitors to cultural treasures spanning thousands of years in the Kingdom.

The pavilion’s contents are described by young Saudi men and women, presenting historical information in an engaging and captivating manner that immerses the audience in an imaginative world of a history that vanished thousands of years ago, leaving behind historical epochs witnessing the greatness of time and place.

The pavilion comprises six main sections, starting with a section displaying a collection of archaeological replicas inside dedicated cabinets. Additionally, there is a section dedicated to the digital library, divided into three areas showcasing the Authority’s books. The books include vital works in Arabic and English, with QR codes for electronic access.

“Multifaceted Exhibits: Unveiling Cultural Narratives and Artisanal Marvels at Jeddah Book Fair 2023”

The Authority has allocated a section called ‘Heritage Eye’ to showcase visual content of the urban heritage in the Kingdom through a wide lens, enabling visitors to discover the beauty of these heritage buildings. There is also a section that reviews the story of ‘Thaj Girl’ through integrated screens and a surround sound system, creating a comprehensive experience for visitors.

Following that is the ‘Submerged Heritage’ section, which employs various techniques using projection to simulate the experience of discovering submerged artifacts in the water excitingly. There is also a ‘Handicrafts’ section that targets three different crafts through windows showcasing the practice of these crafts. Audible content aids visitors in hearing craft descriptions, alongside displayed tools. The visitors’ journey concludes at the last station of the ‘Souvenir Gifts’ section.

The Heritage Authority’s pavilion at the Jeddah Book Fair 2023 showcases more than 30 authors and their latest publications, including books such as ‘Heritage Management Organizations and Preservation,’ ‘Oryx Traps in the Ancient City of Saraweh and Its Surroundings (Architectural Archaeological Study),’ ‘The Nicknames and Titles on Islamic Coins in the Arabian Peninsula,’ ‘Written Heritage and Its Preservation Methodology in Libraries and Museums,’ and ‘Mural Paintings in Al-Faw Village.’

The Heritage Authority’s participation in the Jeddah Book Fair 2023 is an extension of its previous contributions to book fairs in the Kingdom. Through these events, the Authority aims to reach various segments of the local community and tourists, introducing them to the culture of the Kingdom and its rich heritage, rooted in the history of human civilization.”

Source: Okaz

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