December 11, 2023

King Salman’s Architectural Charter in Focus at Jeddah Book Fair

King Salman's Architectural Charter

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Attendees at Jeddah Book Fair 2023 delved into the intricacies of King Salman’s architectural charter during an enlightening panel discussion featuring architects Taha Al-Andijani, Dr. Nora Ghubra, and Fahad Al-Luaihan.

Al-Andijani underscored the core values embedded in King Salman’s architectural charter, emphasizing their alignment with humanity and design principles as foundational elements for achieving harmony with human life. His insights shed light on the integral role of design in creating environments that resonate with the human experience.

Dr. Nora Ghubra, in her contribution, placed a spotlight on sustainability and innovation as key pillars of the architectural charter. She emphasized charter elements for cultural, social, and economic sustainability, envisioning architecture’s seamless integration with sustainable practices. Ghubra emphasized innovation, urging collaborative partnerships for suitable, valid, and sustainable solutions in architecture. She underscored the charter’s role in attempting to revive old heritage within the realm of architecture.

Fahad Al-Luaihan delved into the charter’s origins, framing it as a transformative period for Saudi Arabia in countering foreign architectural patterns. He elucidated on the charter’s authenticity, describing it as a manifestation of the spirit of the place, reestablishing connections between people and culturally rooted buildings, a sentiment particularly evident in the architectural quality of historical Jeddah. Continuity, a recurring theme, was stressed by Al-Luaihan, emphasizing learning from the past and local development.

The consensus among the speakers was clear—Salmanian architecture represents a distinctive era, and this influence is palpable in the Ministry of Culture’s ongoing project. The project aims to apply the architectural charter’s principles, contributing to the realization of noble architecture throughout the Kingdom and serving as a testament to the enduring legacy of Salmanian architectural ideals.

Source: Okaz

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