November 12, 2023

Kingdom’s Living Heritage Celebrating and Cultural Riches

Kingdom's Living Heritage Celebrating and Cultural Riches

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Kingdom’s Living Heritage – Celebrating Diriyah Season’s Cultural Splendor:

Diriyah Season kicks off in December, showcasing the Kingdom’s Living Heritage with a plethora of activities. Organized by Diriyah Company and the Diriyah Gate Development Authority, the event invites global tourists to experience Saudi Arabia’s hospitality, vibrant culture, historic roots, and traditional practices. This festival vividly illustrates the living heritage of Diriyah, Saudi Arabia’s birthplace.

Visitors will encounter a rich tapestry of art, live performances, and interactive exhibits. These displays bring nearly six centuries of history and tradition to life in a dynamic and engaging way. The celebrations spread across various Diriyah locales, including parks, wadis, Bujairi Terrace, and the iconic UNESCO-listed At-Turaif.

The season offers a three-month itinerary appealing to varied tastes. Highlights include artistic installations, culinary festivals, live music, theater acts, the Diriyah ePrix Championship by the Ministry of Sport, Layali Diriyah’s grand comeback, and outdoor adventures like horse riding, camping, and stargazing.

This year’s theme honors Diriyah’s story and Al-Awja, symbolizing unity and celebrating Saudi culture and identity. Diriyah not only symbolizes the Kingdom’s cultural heritage but also leads its future as a unique cultural center.

Aiming to enhance Saudi Arabia’s tourism sector, Diriyah Season seeks to build meaningful bonds and provide immersive, authentic tourism experiences. The event unites people worldwide to appreciate shared culture and experiences, positioning Diriyah, ‘The City of Earth,’ as a key cultural destination in the Kingdom.

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