April 16, 2024

Launch of a platform providing 126,000 manuscripts to researchers

Arabic manuscripts

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Saudi Ministry of Culture, in collaboration with the Library Authority, has launched the Arabic Manuscripts platform, which will make 126,000 manuscripts accessible to scholars, specialists, academics, and university students.

The Ministry of Culture emphasized that “the Kingdom possesses more than 27% of the total original Arabic and Islamic manuscripts in Arab countries.”

The Ministry explained that “each type of Arabic manuscript holds its own important cultural and historical value. The purpose of the platform is to preserve heritage, study history and culture, enrich academic research, and stimulate inspiration and creativity.”

Libraries Commission stated, “Manuscripts represent historical and cultural documents that were handwritten and cover a range of topics including historical, religious, scientific, and literary subjects. They are distinctive as they bear witness to the history of civilizations and reflect the ancestors’ interest in knowledge and sciences.”

Libraries Commission clarified that there are several types of manuscripts, including: the autograph manuscript, which is the version the author wrote in their own handwriting; the draft manuscript, written in multiple stages; the derivative manuscript, directly copied from the autograph; the illustrated manuscript, which contains images related to its topic; the composite manuscript, comprising a collection of handwritten works; the flawed manuscript, which has numerous defects and others.

Some of the prominent manuscripts featured on the platform include: “Stories of the Prophets” by Al-Kisai, “The Cast Gold in the Advice to Kings,” “Correcting Beliefs in Explaining the Simplification of Principles” by Al-Isfahani, “Symbol of Truths in Explaining the Treasure of Precisions” by Al-Nasafi, “Book Explaining Syntax from the Rules of Arabic Grammar” by Ibn Hisham, “The Science of Logic,” and parts of the Holy Quran.

Source: Addiyar

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