February 8, 2024

Literary Children Week: Milestones from Its Third Edition

Literary Children Week

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The 2024 Literary Children Week activities, held in Najran city, have concluded. This event offers a holistic chance to foster children’s love for reading and writing, while also boosting literary engagement in the local community.

Key Statistics of Literary Children Week Unveiled by Saudi Literary Authority:

12,494: The total number of visitors across “Hail, Arar, Mecca, Jazan, Najran”

989: Total attendance in Hail

1,416: Total attendance in Arar

4,952: Total attendance in Mecca

3,384: Total attendance in Jazan

1,753: Total attendance in Najran

28: Number of workshops offered in each region.

14: Number of workshops for children and adolescents in each region.

14: Number of workshops for parents in each region.

9: Number of public events in each region

2024 Literary Children Week Promotes Literary Engagement and Skills Development Across Saudi Arabia

Organized by the Literature, Publishing, and Translation Authority in Najran, the 2024 Literary Children’s Week took place from January 28 to February 3, as part of its ongoing efforts to promote the literary movement in society. This program aims to highlight the child’s relationship with the literary world and to foster their passion for reading, writing, and storytelling. It includes a series of practical workshops and events designed to develop children’s literary skills.

In addition, this initiative aims to promote engagement in cultural and literary activities and improve children’s reading and writing abilities. The program featured various events across five different regions around the kingdom, starting from Hail to Jazan.

The goals of Literary Children’s Week are to nurture children’s creativity and develop their reading and writing skills. The practical workshops, covering topics such as story writing and selecting suitable books, provide opportunities to engage children’s imaginations and encourage their love for reading.

To achieve these objectives, the program allowed parents to register for workshops, choosing those that best suit their children’s needs and literary aspirations. It incorporated workshops tailored for both children and parents, fostering family engagement and enriching a collective appreciation of literature.

Source: Literature, Publishing, and Translation Authority

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