September 21, 2023

“Literary Partner”.. An initiative that deepens the public’s relationship with culture and literature

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Sarah Al-Shammari and Lamia Al-Dajani, founders of one of the cafes that won the first prize in category (B) in the Literary Partner Initiative in its second edition, praised the role of the Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission in promoting literary culture among society, stressing that the initiative motivated the community to integrate into literary and cultural events and initiatives, through social partnerships with cafes and public places, to make culture a lifestyle.

Sarah Al-Shammari explained that they were keen to build quality events in the café to enable capacity building and literary skills through a series of training sessions and workshops, noting that their beginning was to launch a series of freelance writing sessions, as each session has its own literary feature, through which they discuss the most important elements and tools with the audience, leading to each individual writing his own work within one of the literary forms presented, in addition to many diverse events in which a group of the most prominent writers and intellectuals contributed.

Lamia Al-Dajani stated that they were keen to improve the process of activating and operating the initiative by building an operational guide to control mechanisms and procedures, starting from proposing events until their implementation, to ensure the efficiency and quality of managing cultural events, in addition to forming a specialized team interested in the fields of literature and translation, and has many previous experiences in the field.

Al-Dajani stressed that the initiative contributed to supporting the cultural sector, promoting economic and literary growth, and encouraging the community to attend and interact in a dazzling way within the periodic evenings, which enabled the public to build bridges of communication with writers and those interested in literature and culture.

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