August 3, 2023

«Literature and Publishing» revives literary clubs with an interactive community partnership

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The Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission has revived literary clubs after involving them in cultural events and contributions that serve the community through partnerships with cafes across the Kingdom. The Literature and Publishing Commission held a remote meeting to discuss the advantages of the “Literary Partner” initiative in its third edition, in the presence of a number of interested people and café owners from all over the Kingdom.

The meeting discussed the details of the initiative, which is based on partnerships with cafes, provided that they provide cultural events and contributions that serve the community, in cooperation with individuals, literary activists, cultural clubs and third sector institutions, in a way that enhances partnership and interaction between government cultural institutions and other segments of society, and accordingly cafes are classified into three categories, which by the end of the year will receive prizes totaling more than one million riyals.

The Authority stated that the “Literary Partner” initiative aims to provide opportunities to present literary topics through innovative and community-friendly activities of a vital and interactive nature, which contributes to creating platforms that nurture literary taste, create a link between literature lovers, and enhance their knowledge growth.

The meeting dealt with a range of various advantages of the Literary Partner initiative, represented by the priority of participation in the activities of the Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission, the establishment of trips to literary exhibitions and conferences, the provision of support to reach the beneficiary audiences locally and regionally, training and guidance to develop events, in addition to financial support for holding events, facilitating the issuance of licenses, in addition to logistical and marketing support.

It is noteworthy that the Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission holds this meeting with the aim of communicating with those interested and specialists, to introduce the authority’s initiatives, activities and programs, discuss challenges and solutions, and find a bridge of communication with the general practitioners and interested parties.


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