July 18, 2023

“Literature Commission”. Discusses journal challenges

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The Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission organized a virtual meeting entitled “Supporting Literature and Arts Magazines”, with the aim of discussing the challenges and difficulties facing literary magazines, in the presence of a number of magazine owners, specialists and those interested in the sector.

The meeting began with the CEO of the Authority, Dr. Muhammad Hassan Alwan, reviewing a program concerned with magazines aimed at the need for digital transformation and publishing and building a sustainable business model, and said: “We believe in our ability to produce meaningful and creative magazines, and this meeting is a nucleus for the formation of appropriate support packages with innovative methods that urge workers in the field and overcome obstacles in front of them.”

Magazine owners provided their views on the challenges they face such as high cost versus poor profits, long time to issue a publishing license, lack of professional printing presses and sales channels, difficulty in paper distribution, programming problems, lack of sales and difficulty in reaching a wide range of readers.

Some views of participants pointed to the need for a new and innovative approach that drives vitality in the field and the need for initiatives in support of journals.

Literary magazines are one of the most important tools that have contributed to refining and nurturing the mind in the Arab region since its inception, but this industry has deteriorated for many economic and social reasons. Because culture is a way of life, the Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission has developed a business model based on global trends that supports digital transformation and provides all means to revive magazines and support their growth in an innovative manner in order to raise the cultural experience and reach the target audience.

It is noteworthy that this meeting comes as an extension of periodic meetings organized by the Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission, aimed at strengthening communication with specialists, in addition to providing a space for them to express their opinions and listen to their suggestions that contribute to the development of the sector, and participate in its growth and improvement.

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