August 2, 2023

“Literature Commission” launches self-vending machines for books at “SAR” stations

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The Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission launched the “Book Self-Vending Machines” project in cooperation with Saudi Railways “SAR”, at the North Train Station in Riyadh, in the presence of the CEO of the Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission, Dr. Muhammad Hassan Alwan, and the First Executive Vice President of the Passenger Sector at Saudi Railways, Eng. Khaled Al-Harbi.


This cooperation comes under the umbrella of the cooperation agreement concluded between the Ministry of Culture and Saudi Railways, which included multiple areas of cooperation between the two parties, one of which is to contribute to enriching the visitor’s cultural experience and diversifying its sources.

The self-selling device for books inaugurated at the “SAR” station in Riyadh is one of six devices that will be launched by the Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission in cooperation with “SAR” in six train stations in various cities of the Kingdom, to provide the opportunity for travelers to benefit from this device in purchasing books themselves, as part of the authority’s direction to provide books to all segments of society, enhance access to them in various public sites, and devote interest in books and reading to the community, and this comes within the objectives of the National Strategy for Culture emanating from the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030, which is represented by several goals that include transforming culture into a way of life, and culture for economic growth.

The “Self-Vending Machines for Books” project is part of the “Book for All” initiative launched by the Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission with the aim of facilitating the journey of books from the publishing house to the reader’s library, renewing and developing the practice of reading through projects that increase the diversity and spread of sales outlets, enable the acquisition of books in various formats for all segments of society, and help achieve the objectives of the initiative by finding multiple points of sale in various places, which positively affects publishing houses and writers.

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