June 18, 2023

Literature, Publishing and Translation launches the second edition of the ‘Manga Industry’ program

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The Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission, in cooperation with Manga Productions, launched the second edition of the training program for the manga industry, which runs from June 12, 2023 to February 1, 2024 in Riyadh.

The program targets talented and manga enthusiasts to hone their skills within a professionally designed training program using Japanese techniques that are the source of this type of art.

The program goes through three stages and two competitions, the first phase begins with the implementation of three workshops covering different areas, including the development of creativity in drawing and designing comic book characters, as well as the expressions of characters in anime and manga.

He then moves on to the second stage, which is an intensive training program that extends for six weeks, including a detail of the stages of manga design in order to acquire character drawing skills, as this stage focuses on ways of thinking and imagining in terms of the mechanisms of their application in the storyboard, resulting in a storyboard from each participant as a final project of the program.

Finally, the scholarship stage to Japan for a month to study manga art in a specialized institute under the supervision of Japanese experts

Two virtual competitions with the aim of enriching the creative content with valuable in-kind prizes, and the first competition is activated under the hashtag “manjenha#”

While the second competition focuses on the design and implementation of Arabic poems in the manga style under the tag “manga poem# “

Through this program, the Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission aims to keep pace with the wide spread of this type of literary genres, especially among the younger generations, as this program is a pioneering step in developing a roadmap that supports talents aspiring to professionalism, and contributes to raising awareness of its importance in order to increase production in it, taking into account the quality and professionalism of the product in the first place.

This will result in opportunities that enrich the cultural creativity of comics in the Kingdom, and meet the need for a sustainable creative product that reflects the Kingdom’s civilization and traditions in an easy and popular way for the Saudi reader.

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