December 11, 2023

“Little Asia”: A Celebration of Diverse Asian Arts and Cultures

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As an integral part of Jeddah’s Event Calendar 2023, the enchanting “Little Asia” zone serves as a captivating portal that seamlessly links the vibrant traditions of the East with the unique characteristics of diverse Asian countries.

According to a report by the Saudi Press Agency, the centerpiece of this cultural spectacle is the array of diverse Asian cuisines, drawing in a multitude of visitors. Beyond the culinary delights, attendees are treated to a sensory experience with live musical performances and entertaining roaming acts. The event also offers opportunities to delve into the authenticity of Asian heritage through the exploration of traditional products, the admiration of intricate Asian crafts, and the appreciation of traditional costumes. Moreover, various stores are available for visitors to peruse and indulge in their interests.

This reimagined space effortlessly amalgamates the artistic expressions and cultural nuances from countries such as China, Thailand, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Singapore. The result is the creation of eight distinct recreational areas, each tailored to cater to diverse age groups and preferences.

“Little Asia” stands as a testament to the unity in diversity, showcasing the harmonious coexistence of various Asian cultures. Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in this cultural odyssey, where the essence of Asia comes alive through a multifaceted experience that goes beyond culinary delights to embrace the arts, crafts, and traditions of the East.

Source: Asharq Al Awsat

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