May 28, 2023

Millions of riyals. Madinah Book Fair 2023 bids farewell to its visitors

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For visitors on Saturday evening after 10 days full of knowledge, culture and literature.

The exhibition, which was organized by the Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission in the southern region of the King Salman International Exhibition and Convention Center in Madinah, witnessed the visit of about 277,006 visitors, and ended with sales proceeds of more than three million riyals.

The exhibition achieved its strategic objectives in enriching the cultural movement, contributing to building a conscious and educated generation, and encouraging reading and knowledge.

On this occasion, the CEO of the Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission, Dr. Muhammad Hassan Alwan, praised the solidarity of all departments, entities and publishing houses, to come up with a distinguished version of the Medina Book Fair, which represents a valuable opportunity for the convergence of ideas between readers and makers of literature and knowledge in the heart of Medina, which has been known throughout history as a beacon of cultural radiation.

He pointed out that the exhibition in its second edition provided development and diversity in its activities, to suit readers, writers and publishers, and contributed through the proceeds of its sales to the revival of the book industry, and the development of a passion for access to knowledge among visitors of all groups and ages, which encourages investment in the three sectors: literature, publishing and translation, in accordance with the aspirations of Saudi Vision 2030 and the objectives of the National Strategy for Culture.

Alwan explained that the authority conducted surveys and questionnaires to measure the rate of visitor satisfaction with publishing houses, the cultural program and the exhibition as a whole, and received development suggestions that will contribute to improving the visitor experience at the Medina Book Fair during the upcoming sessions.

During its ten days, the exhibition presented theatrical performances, dialogue sessions, seminars and workshops, with the participation of a group of speakers from inside and outside the Kingdom, especially the people of Medina, in addition to poetry evenings within the Arab Poetry Forum around the world, and interactive activities and games for children.

The exhibition dedicated platforms for signing books, where writers and readers met, a special corner for the Saudi author that provided 200 titles for Saudi authors who are self-publishing to display and sell their books to visitors, in addition to reading areas for those wishing to browse their books inside the exhibition, restaurants and cafes for visitors to sit and rest in the atmosphere of the place, as well as self-service machines to facilitate the visitor experience and facilitate access to publishing houses and search for books.

The exhibition also hosted a children’s area full of dozens of literary and cultural activities that enhance the creative abilities of children and adolescents, and aim to inspire children, develop their love of reading and curiosity, enhance the reading aspect in modern and diverse ways, and strengthen self-confidence.

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