March 14, 2024

Navigating the Depth of Cultural Criticism: Beyond Theoretical Boundaries

Problems of Cultural Criticism

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The Saudi critic Abdullah Al-Ghathami returns nearly a quarter of a century after the publication of his pioneering book “Cultural Criticism: A Study of Arab Cultural Patterns” (Arab Cultural Center, 2000), which established “cultural criticism” in the Arab world, with a new book titled “Problems of Cultural Criticism: Questions in Theory and Application” (Arab Cultural Center, 2023). This book is a culmination of Al-Ghathami’s critical project that began with an immersion in aesthetic literary criticism and linguistic criticism and then transitioned to cultural criticism. It also serves as a response to all the questions and challenges that researchers and scholars have faced regarding cultural criticism over the past quarter-century, offering clarification, rectification, and a deepening of his method in cultural criticism, both theoretically and practically.

Cultural criticism dominates the contemporary Arab critical scene as one of the methodologies spawned by “postmodernism,” serving as a reaction to the overemphasis on aesthetic and linguistic studies in literature. Therefore, it is no surprise that the book “Problems of Cultural Criticism” captivates the interest of critics and scholars alike, who seek to unravel the complexities they have encountered in cultural criticism and hope to find comprehensive and satisfying answers.

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