May 7, 2024

Prince Badr Bin AbdulMohsin.. An absent soul and present poems

Prince Badr Bin AbdulMuhsin

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Prince Badr Bin AbdulMohsin passed away at the age of 75 after battling illness. He was a renowned Saudi poet known in both the Saudi and Arab literary circles, often referred to as the “Engineer of Word”.

He was also known for his significant efforts in crafting literary texts of refined quality, where he meticulously intertwined elements of love, pride, elegy, and socio-political realities.

He was born in Riyadh in April 1949, in the Al-Fawta neighborhood, during the reign of King Abdul Aziz. Prince Badr was raised in the embrace of his father, Prince Badr Bin AbdulMohsin bin AbdulAziz. He lived through the reigns of all the kings of Saudi Arabia and retained many memorable encounters with them.

He pursued his early education across Saudi Arabia and Egypt. He then completed his middle school education at Queen Victoria School in Alexandria. His high school years were spent in Jeddah, as he moved between Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Britain, and the United States during his academic journey.

The most prominent positions he held

As for his professional career, he served as the first chairman of the board of Saudi Arabian Society for Culture and Arts between 1973 and 1977.

AbdulMohsin assumed the presidency of the Saudi Society for Culture and Arts in 1973. He was also appointed as the head of poetry organization in the Kingdom. For several years, he participated in writing opening speeches for the Kingdom’s grand traditional festivals, most notably the annual Al-Janadriah Festival.

In relation to poetry, Badr Bin Abdulmohsin Cultural Foundation was established in 2017, marking the culmination of its creative endeavors. It is considered the first non-profit cultural institution, with a vision centered on promoting and disseminating culture and arts, as well as advancing Saudi creativity domestically and internationally to attain global prominence.

His poems are sung by the stars of the Arab world… and these are the most prominent of them

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