March 11, 2024

Saudi Ministry of Culture’s Preparations for the Ramadan Season 1445 AH

Ramadan Season

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Under the slogan “Illuminating Our Nights,” the Saudi Ministry of Culture is preparing to organize the Ramadan season of 1445 AH in various cities across the kingdom. This initiative includes a comprehensive cultural program that revives the historical cultural heritage associated with this blessed month, offering a cultural experience that blends the past with the present.

The season encompasses an array of on-site and digital events, along with sports activities, in national partnership with various governmental, private, and non-profit entities. The events of the “Illuminating Our Nights” season cover numerous regions with unique experiences such as:

  1. Thuriya’s Feast: Where visitors can experience a special Iftar and a complete Ramadan Suhoor in an interactive atmosphere and the marketplace areas in Riyadh and Jeddah, revitalizing them with a Ramadan theme, featuring a collection of local and regional cultural product stores, open for ten consecutive days, offering renewed shopping experiences.
  2. Al-Noor Exhibition and Al-Marqab Area: Deepening understanding and awareness of the month’s spirituality, while Al-Marqab area offers an interactive experience with astronomical scopes, allowing visitors to observe the lunar phases and discover the moon’s mansions throughout the holy month.
  3. Manara Art Area: Enhancing knowledge of traditional crafts through interactive educational activities.
  4. Al-Siraj Area: Reflects the story of compiling the Holy Quran, the kingdom’s efforts in its care, including Quran restoration, decoration, binding experiences, and gift-wrapping for collection or gifting, along with the Noor Imprint space, emphasizing the value of benevolence and charity, allowing visitors to engage in a spiritual-social experience through purchasing gifts or donation coupons in cooperation with specialized charitable entities.
  5. Cooking Station and Games: Presenting famous Ramadan dishes and sweets as stations for dishes from each region, alongside a children’s area and a live show that takes season visitors on a journey embodying the spirituality of Ramadan, its cultural manifestations, social values, and a series of live interactive Ramadan scenes, leading to traditional celebrations like Qarqiaan and Hawame.
  6. Alongside a series of sports events like the Ramadan Marathon, Padel tournament, electronic games championship, and other specialized sports competitions in various team and individual sports.

Through the Ramadan season, in collaboration with various national entities, the Ministry of Culture aims to revive spiritual, cultural, and social aspects under one umbrella, establishing the general identity of the season and creating a unique character by leveraging deep-rooted aspects and concepts of this holy month, activated through innovative interactive activities both physically and virtually, in line with the leadership’s commitment to preserving the kingdom’s cultural and civilizational heritage, fulfilling one of the Saudi Vision 2030’s cultural objectives.


Source: Arqam

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