December 13, 2023

In Riyadh Theater Festival 10 Saudi Plays Compete for 11 Awards

10 Saudi Plays Compete for 11 Awards at the Riyadh Theater Festival

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The CEO of the Riyadh Theater Festival Arts Authority, Sultan Al-Bazie, announced the participation of 10 Saudi theater groups in the Riyadh Theater Festival. The festival, sponsored by Culture Minister Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan, will run from December 13 to December 24.

Al-Bazie explained that the inaugural edition, hosted at Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University’s Conference Center, will showcase plays selected from various cities based on audience appeal, quality, serious content, and creative presentation.

The chosen plays include “Bahar” by the Culture and Arts Association in Al-Ahsa, “Al-Hijr” by the First Leap Club, “Talee’a Hijr” by Clouse Media, “Slap” by Calos, “Memory of Satan” by Ru’ya, “Light” by Taif Theater, “Newspaper Seller” by Fun Box, “Yellow Memory” by Noors, “Closed Roundabout” by Masma Theater Club, and “The Last Shadow” by Alwatan Theater Group.

The festival will award 11 prizes, including Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Playwright, Best Director, Best Integrated Theatrical Presentation, Best Theatrical Lighting, Best Scenography, Best Theatrical Makeup, Best Theatrical Costume, Best Theatrical Music, and Best Theatrical Set Design.

The event will honor the late Saudi playwright, Mohammed Al-Otheim, through exhibitions, artistic displays, and a play directed by him. It will also include seminars, critical readings, and workshops on theater arts, aiming to celebrate and develop the Saudi theatrical sector.

The Riyadh Theater Festival plays a crucial role in nurturing Saudi talents, building successful professional careers, and inspiring audiences, aligning with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 cultural strategy. The Theater and Performing Arts Authority seeks to revitalize Saudi theater, supporting national theatrical production and contributing to the cultural goals of Vision 2030.

Source: Okaz

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