Date March 1, 2022

Editor's Note

we have been busy translating others and transferring their literature and culture to our Arabic language. Still, it is time to share our literature, thoughts, knowledge, and human experiences with them, So they will be able to know the truth only after seeing the culture and literature we have.

In this project, we believe that the book needs a base of readers and interested people. Moreover, to attract the attention of foreign agencies and publishing houses, we must reach their readers before reaching them. Therefore, in this magazine, we will present the best of our books and everything related to our literature, cultural events, and book fairs.

We will talk about books, about authors, about literature, about thought, about our readers, about our interests, in their language, to tell them what we have and it is worth knowing.

Table of Content:


  1. “Literature Commission” Announces “Tarjim” Initiative to Promote Arabic Content
  2. Al-Ula signed a memorandum of cooperation with the “Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission” to encourage Literary creations
  3. The Encyclopedia of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia documents the development process
  4. The “literary association” launches the “Baba Tahir” competition for children’s literature


  1. The challenges facing the contemporary Saudi novel
  2. Safarberlik”…Narrative eludes history


  1. A Hole Through the Sky
  2. Changes of Finding a Right
  3. Jerma the Translator
  4. The New Pre-Islamic Sermon
  5. The Problematic of the Self narrative in the Saudi Arabian Women’s Novel – 1999-2000 – critical study


  1. Baba Taher Encourage Young Generation