Date October 12, 2023

Editor's Note

Front Cover:
Corner photo of The King Fahd National Library, the legal deposit and copyright library for Saudi Arabia. KFNL was established in 1983 in response to an initiative made by the people of Riyadh when King Fahd ascended the throne. The project was announced in 1983 and the implementation started in 1986.

Back Cover:
The Gate of Najran Emirate Palace, a historical building located in the centre of the old city of Najran in the historical Aba Al-Saud neighborhood. The construction was completed in the year 1363 AH (Islamic calendar), and the palace is considered one of the most famous heritage buildings in the Najran region and one of the most important buildings in the area.

Table of Content:

  • The Book: Our Ever-Replenishing Vessel on Our Journeys Through Times and Places
    By RRB Editorial Team … P. 4
  • The Intersection of West and East: A Conversation with Saudi Thinker Saad Al-Bazai Interview
    by Khaled Jamil Muhammad … P. 8
  • Al-Ula Through the Eyes of a Passionate Visitor
    By Nadine Khammash …12
  • The Evolution of Female Narratives in Saudi Literature
    By Awad Al-Awlaqi 16The Publishing Industry in Saudi Arabia
    By RRB Editorial Team … P. 20
  • A Cultural Carnival with a Saudi Imprint
    By Laila Abdullah … P. 24
  • Sexual Themes in Arabic fiction
    By Mansoura Ez-Eldin … P. 28
  • Nothing is Impossible in Saudi Arabia
    By Mohamad Kawas … P. 32
  • The Butterfly Effect of Poetry
    By Abdul Latif bin Youssef … P. 36
  • The Saudi Poet Muhammad Al-Thubaiti
    By Ibrahim Kadouni … P. 38
  • The Academy of Arabic Poetry: The Focal Point for Poets in Saudi Arabia
    By Masada Al-Yami … P. 42
  • Abdelfattah Kilito Soars to the Pinnacle of Arabic Heritage
    By Ibrahim Akel … P. 46
  • Coffee as a Historical and Cultural Ambassador
    By Zainab Al-Khudairi … P. 50
  • When a Folk Singer Became a Protagonist
    By Ahmed Al-Sammari … P. 54
  • The Arab Novel on the Screen
    By Taher Alwan … P. 58
  • Understanding the Puzzle of Life Through the Angel of Death
    By RRB Editorial Team … P. 60
  • A Fictional Trip to the Future
    By RRB Editorial Team … P. 62
  • A Singer Famous from Baghdad to Andalusia
    By RRB Editorial Team … P. 64
  • When Scents Define Places and Times
    By RRB Editorial Team … P. 66
  • Celebrating Christian and Nubian Heritage in Sudan
    By RRB Editorial Team … P. 68
  • Flying Crows by the Syrian writer Kamiran Harsan
    By RRB Editorial Team … P. 72
  • Creativity at Risk!
    By Haitham Hussein … P. 74