Ahmed Mahana

Ahmed Mahana

Ahmed Mahana, An accomplished Egyptian author, artistic producer, and entrepreneurial mind, born in the vibrant city of Cairo in 1986. With an MBA from Helwan University and a professional programming certification from Microsoft, he has adeptly navigated roles as a marketing consultant and content creator for a variety of leading multinational corporations and prominent entities across the Middle East.

His literary contributions span across several esteemed newspapers and magazines. Notably, in 2008, he played a pivotal role in launching and overseeing the editorial direction of the “Egyptian Pocket Blogs,” a groundbreaking book series that spotlighted the voices of Egyptian bloggers.

In his current capacity, he holds the titles of General Manager of Publishing and Director of Development at “Dawen” Publishing and Distribution, a company where he is also a foundational partner. His innovative approach and dedication to the publishing field were recognized in 2019 when he was distinguished by the Egyptian Publishers Association for his trailblazing contributions.

Beyond his contributions to the literary world, he offers his expertise as a consultant to a spectrum of companies and cultural organizations within and beyond Egypt’s borders. His literary oeuvre includes the poignant short story collection “Exile” (2009) and the introspective “The Mood of Cairo” (2012). His 2015 novel “I Will Tell About You” received wide acclaim in the Arab literary scene, was adapted for the stage, and is included in the Arabic literature syllabus at the German Nuns’ Schools in Alexandria.

Excerpts from “I Will Tell About You” reflect his profound narrative voice:

“The essence of sweet moments is their fleeting nature, designed to be cherished in memory rather than to persist in reality. They foster a promise of ‘soon,’ a notion that invariably eludes capture.”

He also insightfully notes,

“Fear surpasses valor and virtue, overshadowing courage and integrity. It is fear and pretense that sculpt our gravest flaws, leading us invariably to loss. Amidst fear and confusion, one finds oneself utterly bereft.”

His 2019 “Midnight Memoirs” and “Two Hours Farewell,” a beautifully crafted romantic fantasy, further showcase his versatility. The latter novel intricately weaves a narrative where love transcends time, only to be ensnared in a web of unforeseen consequences.

From “Two Hours Farewell,” he poignantly observes:

“Our gravest fault may lie in our attachments, in the vulnerability we permit ourselves, allowing our hearts to spiral unchecked, heedless of the fallout.”

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