Ahmed Rewihel

Ahmed Rewihel

Ahmed Rewihel is a doctoral candidate specializing in International Business, with a primary research focus on analyzing the impact of Foreign Direct Investment within the MENA region, particularly within the digital content industry. Ahmed brings a wealth of experience gained from his tenure in various multinational corporations.

During his impressive career journey, Ahmed served as the Chief Operating Officer and Founder Member at “Kitab Sawti,” where he played a pivotal role in the establishment and growth of the digital book industry in the MENA region. Under his leadership, “Kitab Sawti” successfully introduced Arabic audiobooks onto the global stage, contributing significantly to the promotion of Arabic literature and culture worldwide.

Additionally, Ahmed assumed the role of Head of MENA Business at “Storytel,” a renowned global digital publishing platform. His notable achievements included spearheading market expansion strategies and leading the Saudi publishing market. In a significant development, “Storytel” acquired Ahmed’s company, “Kitab Sawti,” in 2020, cementing his reputation as a visionary leader in the digital content industry.

More recently, Ahmed co founded the first Arabic digital aggregator with a primary mission of distributing ebooks and audiobooks globally, thereby enhancing accessibility to Arabic content. This strategic initiative aims to foster sustainability within the MENA publishing industry, bridging the gap between Arabic literature and the global audience.

Additionally, serves as a valuable resource for the regional publishing and content industry, facilitating a deeper understanding of global market dynamics and enabling the localization of critical success factors from analogous industries into the MENA region. Ahmed Rewihel’s endeavors demonstrate his commitment to advancing the MENA publishing landscape and promoting cross-cultural exchange on a global scale.