Dr. Zainab Al-Khudairi

RRB Writer - Zainab Ibrahim Al-Khudairi

Dr. Zainab Ibrahim Al-Khudairi is a Saudi writer, novelist, and short-story author who currently contributes to Al-Riyadh newspaper, publishing a weekly column under the title “Dhele Awag.” She has held advisory roles and led the Cultural Sabbatical Initiative at the Ministry of Culture, in addition to serving as an Assistant Professor at King Saud University.

Al-Khudairi is the founder of multiple cultural platforms, such as “Bait Al-Riwaya” and the “Hunna Saudi Women” forum, and is actively involved in media. She has an extensive portfolio of published works, including story collections, novels, and critiques, featuring titles such as “Dawa lelhob,” and “Shorofat Al_Rooh,” along with various novels and story collections like “Ala Kafe Retweet,” “Hayaa,” and “Wahdi Urabbi Segara Al-Shawk,” among others. She currently conducts cultural lectures and courses both within and outside of Saudi Arabia.

Articles Published by: Dr. Zainab Al-Khudairi