Haitham Hussein

RRB Writer - Haitham Hussein

Haitham Hussein, a novelist, critic and journalist born in Amuda, Syria in 1978, currently resides in London. He holds membership in both the Authors Society of Great Britain and Scottish PEN. He is founder of alriwaya.net, a unique website specialising in contemporary Arabic fiction.

Hussein is author of several novels including: “Hostages of Memory,” “Aram: The Descendant of Unspoken Pains,” and “Needle of Horror.” His literary contributions extend beyond fiction, encompassing works of literary criticism such as “The Novel between Mining and Puzzling,” “The Novel and the Life,” “The Novelist Beats the Drums of War,” “The Fictional Character,” and “Why should You be a Novelist.” Additionally, he is the editor of “The Story of the First Novel by 30 Arab Novelists.”
His latest publications, both autobiographical and philosophical in nature, are titled “No One May Remain” and “The Racist in His Exile.” Furthermore, a significant number of his works have been translated into English, French, Kurdish, and Czech.

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