Homoud Al-Shayji

RRB Writer - Homoud Al-Shayji

Homoud Al-Shayji is a Kuwaiti writer, storyteller, and novelist, considered one of the prominent literary voices in the Gulf cultural scene. He has a number of literary works that tackle a variety of subjects ranging from history and society to human thought.

Among his most notable works is the novel “Jalila,” in which he delves into the history of Kuwait, and the novel “Sheikh Al-Khattateen,” where he employs symbolic Sufi linguistic meanings.

In addition to these, he has published two poetic collections: “The Eighth Overture” and “Passion.” His works are distinguished by their cultural and linguistic diversity and have contributed to enriching the Arabic literary landscape by addressing human, social, and cultural issues in a style that combines academic rigor with literary creativity.

Articles Published by: Homoud Al-Shayji