November 28, 2023

Saudi Arabia Highlights Its Cultural Riches in Milan

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Saudi Arabia Highlights Its Cultural Riches in Milan at the esteemed Artigiano in Fiera. This global platform, active for over two decades, welcomes visitors to experience the Kingdom’s diverse traditions and artistic expressions. The Ministry of Culture spearheads this cultural extravaganza at the National Pavilion, marking a significant presence at one of the world’s largest trade fairs.

From December 2 to 10, the bustling city of Rho, Milan, transforms into a vibrant hub where artisans and creators converge from across the globe. Artigiano in Fiera, renowned as the world’s largest trade fair of its kind, brings together skilled individuals from over 100 countries. The event’s unique organization by regions ensures a captivating display of products ranging from delectable foods and intricate textiles to cutting-edge design, furniture, personal care items, and the latest in fashion.

President Antonio Intiglietta of Ge.FI., the exhibition planner, expresses immense pride in Saudi Arabia’s enhanced presence, positioning it among the largest stands at the fair. He warmly invites Italians and global attendees to explore the captivating traditions woven into the fabric of Saudi culture.

Furthermore, at the Saudi Pavilion, visitors are treated to an immersive experience, engaging directly with skilled Saudi artisans. Among the showcased crafts is the UNESCO-recognized Al-Qatt Al-Asiri, a distinctive form of traditional interior wall decoration crafted by talented female artisans from the Southern region.

Additionally, the ancient artistry of Al Sadu, a traditional weaving technique passed down through generations in the Central region, takes center stage.

The Ministry of Culture, along with its 11 sector-specific commissions, contributes to the exhibition, offering valuable insights into the unique cultural contributions of each region. This curated presentation creates a tapestry that vividly illustrates Saudi Arabia’s historical and cultural richness.

Beyond the visual feast, the Saudi Pavilion promises a sensory journey, allowing visitors to indulge in the flavorful tastes of traditional Saudi dishes and culinary delights. The meticulous preparation is overseen by chefs selected by The Culinary Arts Commission, showcasing Saudi cuisine on both national and global levels.

Adding an extra layer of cultural richness, traditional Saudi performers associated with the Theater and Performing Arts Commission grace the event. As patrons of diverse performing arts genres, the commission brings forth characteristic musical and dance performances, enriching the overall cultural display.

In essence, Saudi Arabia’s comprehensive representation at Artigiano in Fiera underscores its commitment to sharing and celebrating its vibrant cultural heritage with the world. The pavilion serves as a gateway for visitors to not only witness the Kingdom’s rich traditions but also to engage in a dynamic cultural exchange on this global stage.


Source: Riyadh – Asharq Al Awsat

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