November 21, 2023

Saudi Arabia in Geneva Participates in UN International Exhibition

Saudi Arabia Participates in UN International Exhibition in Geneva

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Saudi Arabia in the Geneva Exhibition at the European headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva showcased Saudi’s rich cultural heritage.

Ambassador Abdulmohsen Majed bin Khothaila, the Kingdom’s Permanent Representative to the UN, attended the event, highlighting Saudi Arabia’s commitment to cultural diplomacy.

The Saudi pavilion displayed a wide range of unique cultural, heritage, and historical products, meticulously crafted by skilled Saudi artisans.

Complementing these exhibits, a diverse selection of popular Saudi dishes was presented, attracting visits from numerous ambassadors, United Nations employees, Swiss business figures, and an audience with a keen interest in cultural exchange.

This cultural extravaganza not only underlines Saudi Arabia’s artistic prowess but also fosters diplomatic and cultural connections on the international stage.

Ambassador Abdulmohsen Majed bin Khothaila, in his address, emphasized the importance of such events in building bridges between nations and promoting dialogue.

He expressed gratitude for the enthusiastic response to the Saudi exhibition and highlighted the Kingdom’s commitment to fostering cultural exchanges that transcend borders.

In addition to the vibrant cultural displays, the Saudi pavilion hosted engaging discussions on the significance of cultural diplomacy in promoting international cooperation and understanding.

The event provided a forum for participants to explore opportunities for collaborative cultural initiatives and partnerships.

Overall, the Annual International Exhibition at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva served as a testament to Saudi Arabia’s dedication to cultural diplomacy, fostering connections, and building bridges across diverse communities worldwide.

As a strategic partner in promoting cultural understanding, the Kingdom aims to strengthen its ties with the global community through these initiatives.

The exhibition serves as a platform for Saudi artists and craftsmen to showcase their talent while fostering mutual respect and appreciation for cultural diversity.


Source: Asharq Al-Awsat

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